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Lifecasting is the art of taking molds directly from the human body. It is an ancient art form dating back to the early Egyptians.
Molds are turned into lifelike casts of plaster, concrete, or bronze that will last forever.
Some can be made into silicone toys. They are great for home or yard art, or architectural details.

I started lifecasting 20 years ago making impressions of faces as an exercise to support self-image.
I do faces, hands, torsos, and intimate body parts of all sizes and shapes, men and women.
I’m experimenting with erotic positions of singles, couples and groups. I’m intrigued by the softness and texture of skin rendered in hardness, stone and cement.

I am always interested I models for new projects and continuing projects and collaborations. I also do commissions; got an idea?
Contact me if you’re interested in immortalizing yourself and/or a loved one or two. Kozmo@kozbods.com. My studio is in Olympia.

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Kozmo-coppa-de2.jpg Kozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01rKozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01rKozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01rKozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01rKozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01rKozmo-coppa-deThumbnailsLissGriff 01r
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